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Successful Realtors though the country, but Realtors specifically in Atlanta, GA, recognize both the value and benefit to staging a home prior to its listing. The most current real estate surveys highlight home staging as an ideal way to increase selling prices and rates of return are higher when a solid home staging is part of the sales process. Home staging by Lisa’s of Atlanta, GA is a perfect example of this successful preparation for selling residential properties.


Now home staging isn't something new, its been around for quite some time. A lot of times people confuse staging with decorating and shy away from the process. Here are a few reasons why home staging is for you and not something to hide from.


Increase Your Home Value and Sell It Faster


The statistics are impressive, showing that the selling price of a home can be increased by nearly $4,000 in most instances. We offer top notch service while working within your budget. Atlanta GA residents get the benefits of having a good home value with Lisa's Home Staging.


An occupied model home tends to generate better results than a vacant home or a home that isn't staged. Statistics show that an occupied home sells three times faster than an unoccupied home. You might ask, why. Well it's simple. Your house will speak to the buyer. I'm sure you've realized that by now, in some shape or form, your house speaks to you. Reflecting on all this makes home staging a reliable and logical choice for savvy sellers. Agents and sellers benefit from quicker property sales, and the sales include greater revenue for all parties. Houses sell faster and everyone wins when the home staging model is in place.


Additional Benefits of Home Staging


Houses that have clean floors, uncluttered rooms, clean carpeting, good lighting, and an appealing yard are considered to have the best sales values. These are things that are true of all homes. When we think about our homes, its personal. We've had great memories, many laughs and sometimes even sleepless nights. Its your little bit of refuge from the world outside and it also holds all of our wonderful "stuff". What we aim to do is make sure that your house is presented in the best light. That might mean moving around a few things that we might think are "the centerpiece of our lovely palace", but the reality is that for another person coming to purchase your home it might not be that. A high sales value is crucial for shortening market time, and this is just the kind of result you can expect when you select Lisa's Home Staging as part of your residential property sale. You will get the full benefit when our expert resident managers maintain your property. The contractual agreement mandates home maintenance and upkeep, and our team is ready to assist you when you contact us at (404) 490-9657.


Home Improvements for Higher Home Selling Values


The staging process might be difficult to accustom to at first. Ultimately you want to sell your home in as little time as possible for as much as it can possibly go for. The process is straightforward when you contact our team and contract with us. You will have an opportunity to sell your property faster and at a more desirable price thanks to an advantageous sale value. Home improvements such as updated plumbing and electrical work, painting, and new flooring will help, but the professional assistance that you get with our home staging will put you in the best position for successful selling.


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Why should I consider Lisa’s Home Staging

when selling a property?


Oftentimes, the circumstances surrounding the sale of a home necessitate not only an expedited process, but that the maximum profit is obtained in the transaction. It is not uncommon for homeowners to overlook the importance of staging their home prior to placing it on the market. A professional home stager has the expertise needed to ensure your home is visually enticing to potential buyers. Following are examples of how staging can benefit the sale of your home:


  • Not surprisingly, more than 90% of buyers browse the web prior to physically visiting a home. Therefore, photos representing your home must capture the interest of potential buyers.
  • Less than 10% of buyers are able to envision the full potential of a home.
  • Home staging is among the top five improvement projects suggested by realtors.
  • Home staging is significantly more cost effective than having to reduce the sale price of your home.


More often than not, the current contents of your home can be rearranged to promote functionality and comfort. Renting items from Lisa’s inventory is a viable option for homes that are vacant, or sparsely furnished. Trust Lisa’s to enhance the beauty of your home and draw the interest of prospective buyers. Together, we can sell your home!

What services does Lisa's Home Staging offer

for clients who need staging?


Staging often involves much more than simply rearranging the seating of a living room. Often existing furniture can be used, but unoccupied homes will need furnishings as well. Any existing furniture and decorations should be in excellent condition as well. Here’s a glimpse of the professional services Lisa’s can provide:


  • Deep Cleaning Service: Sometimes overlooked, a deep cleaning is as vital as staging to ensure that a home sells quickly for a good price.
  • Consulting Service: Do-it-yourselfers often simply need orientation to stage their own homes. Others are trying to work within a budget and want to make the best choices when deciding what services to look for. Either way, a consultation is a great place to start.
  • Written Outlines: After a consultation, we can provide a detailed, written outline of all our recommendations. These are sent electronically to homeowners and real estate agents.
  • Home Staging for Occupied Homes: Even if the family is still living in the home, we can have it staged and ready to sell so the family can focus on moving.
  • Enhancement Packages: We recommend furnishings, accessories, artwork, and more to target potential buyers for as many or few rooms as needed.



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Why are so many realtors recommending a professional staging of your home prior to listing? Realtors and homeowners alike have found that having your home professionally staged generates more potential buyers, significantly decreases the length of time the home is on the market, and results in the maximum sale price. The likelihood of resorting to price reduction is minimal.



Lisa's offers a free consultation to ensure that your staged home will give exactly the feel and look you want potential buyers to enjoy. We offer a variety of recommendations based on your budget. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. Your vision may be more attainable than you think.




No prospective homebuyer would find an unclean, cluttered home appealing. It’s difficult for many of us to see past the dust and disarray, and fully envision the potential a home has to offer. Perhaps all your home needs to sell is a thorough cleaning and reorganizing. Lisa’s can help. Contact us to schedule an evaluation of your home.


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