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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging


If you have questions about our Atlanta home staging service, they have probably been asked before! Please read through the section below which also outlines our guarantee of satisfaction.


Why do I need a professional to stage my home?


A professional stager is familiar with buyer trends and is also able to look at your home objectively and determine the features and attributes that will most appeal to the typical buyer. If you try to stage your home yourself, you are almost certainly emotionally attached to your home and will find it difficult to see it simply as a commodity. Presenting your home in the most positive way possible and appealing to as many potential buyers as possible is essential, as only ten percent of potential buyers are able to see a home's potential.


How much does home staging cost?


It depends on how much staging your home needs. We offer free consultations, but it may be anywhere from $500 to $1,500 to stage your home. If you need to rent furniture to show your home off to its full potential, this can cost up to several thousand dollars. It is important to understand that home staging is a proven method of getting you as much as possible for your home, and ensuring a fast sale, and the amount you spend on staging your home won't be as much as your first price reduction!


How long will home staging take?


It generally takes us between one and two days to effectively stage your home, after you have carried out any minor repairs and eliminated clutter.


How is it possible that staging, or redesigning can have such an effect?


We take into account your budget and come up with the most effective ways to eliminate clutter, present your home in a positive light and make the most of its best features. It really can make a difference to a potential buyer how you use your space and present your home, and as professional designers we can tap into that potential.


Can my home makeover be completed in a day?


It depends on how extensive the staging is. For one or two rooms that just need staging with existing furniture, uou may be able to go out for a few hours and then come back to a home ready to make the most of its potential and appeal to as many buyers as possible. We can stage your entire house or just one room, depending on the level of staging your home needs, following a design consultation to discuss the look that would be best for your home. Keep in mind that more extensive stagings can take more than a day. We provide you with a list of recommendations based on the consultation and then ask you to complete any necessary preliminary preparations.



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    To many people, the concept of home staging is a new one.  The benefits however,  are obvious!  That being said, read our most frequently asked questions when it comes to home staging services.


    Have questions?  Ready to stage your home? Call us.  The sooner you stage your home, the faster it will sell!

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