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Home Staging Prices


A selling technique recognized as home staging is used in Atlanta GA and around the world. Staging emphasizes the best points of a home and has become very popular in the real estate industry. This practice is at least 30 years old and has emerged as an amazingly useful promotional strategy for selling new homes. Lisa's Home staging of Atlanta GA is ready to present your home in its most positive light.


Cost of Hiring a Home Staging


The home staging process is not a qualified field and may involve experience in any number of things. The ability to prepare a home for sale is equitable to years of working experience. Staging draw experience from many backgrounds, art, home furnishings, and layout specialist. Any number of backgrounds would qualify home staging.


Home staging cost for a large project can easily move into thousands of dollars. However, a small endeavor may only cost $500. These are some things to keep in mind when evaluating costs:


  • Charges are presented according to the person hired
  • Quotes are given by the hour and as flat fees.
  • Factors affecting costs include location, size of property, terrain and condition of the property.


Homeowners have the option to hire a staging or use the ideas after a consultation. Implementing staging ideas save money but may not show as effectively as professional home staging. Hiring a home staging is easier on the budget if important rooms are targeted. This benefits a professional look and saves money.


Some sellers have questioned the need to make a home look like a show place, filled with lovely furnishings and collectible trinkets. Nevertheless, Mortgage News Daily shows, homes with staging sell 3% higher than the average. Mathematically speaking, a $500,000 home will show an added $15,000 earning. Investing in home staging in Atlanta GA is worth the effort.


Price breakdown


A consultant will meet with the homeowner and discuss things that might be changed in order to make the home more appealing. This is to identify weak points in the home's display areas. After this process, the real staging work begins. Staging is elaborate décor that draws attention to the best points of a home. Pillows accentuate comfort and livability. The use of color brings out relaxation.


Staging secrets:


Plants are one of the easiest things to use in home staging; moving furniture, placing pieces in a more appealing position, accentuating fireplaces and outdoor areas, improving tone and adding accessories are also standard staging actions. Redecorating with pillows draperies and artwork add new energy to a home. If a home has an upper deck, lounge settings and baskets may be used to point out a private bedroom view. Any tools that show off the best features of a home are utilized by Home staging experts in Atlanta GA.


Other Expenses in Home Staging


Search for a list of possibilities before embarking upon hiring a home staging. A reputable list, obtained from a good Realtor should suffice. Interview a selection of home staging experts before agreeing upon a candidate. Talk about the things you want to attain with the sale. If the home reflects resort flair, the home staging may want to depict this in accents chosen.


Purchases are made to upgrade a home. Items that improve the atmosphere may be a bit different from things a homeowner may already own. For this reason, obtaining a deposit or retainer for supplies is a normal part of doing business for home staging. This practice provides a shield for disputes should any occur.


The staging of an Atlanta GA home and others happens in a short space of time. In some cases, a home staging may prepare a home for a photo shoot or for pictures for a real estate showing. Some homes staging is done for open house events. In any case, it is important for a home to look as appealing as possible. Scheduling controls expenses and everyone involved knows exactly what to expect. This includes building contractors, if any.


If an owner has already moved and the home is empty, a "vacant staging" is possible. The renting of furnishings, temporarily, serves to make the home a comfortable, intriguing place. Home staging in Atlanta GA are experienced and some provide furnishings for a fee. Vacant home staging may cost 1-2% based on the list price of the home.


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    To many people, the concept of home staging is a new one.  The benefits however,  are obvious!  That being said, read our most frequently asked questions when it comes to home staging services.


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